Brakes? who needs them...


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Dec 2, 2007
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Finishing up my sled build for the last decade of my life or so it feels like and WELL it would be nice if i didn't have a huge disc brake in the way on my 2011 ish pro rmk chassis sled. Was curious as to the thoughts of mounting it like skidoo does or possible even useing two 8" disc brake rotors (from down hill mountain bike) and mounting one on each side of the driver INSIDE the tunnel. Figured someone has tried it? Also more or less exploring brake rotor placement "theory" and why you think whats best, ECT. If i try the dual rotor set up i will probably just use two oem polaris/heyes calipers.

If having the stock polaris rotor milled is one of the beset mods on the new sleds then removing the whole assembly from that shaft must be better yet? P.s. I am running a billet ice age chain case/turbo /3"pc 153

Thanks in advance


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Oct 30, 2008
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Brakes inside the tunnel are prone to freeze ups unless you're using them a lot and keeping them hot like in a sno-x environment.
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