Bombardier SnowBlower For Sale

Feb 4, 2011
1978 Bombardier SW48 HY (Hydrostatic Transmission/ no shifting) skid
steer. This unit is powered by (gasoline) Ford 300 c.i., inline-6. The
auger/blower is powered hydraulically by a Wisconsin V-4 (rear). No
leaks. Bought it with 700 hours and used it for 2 seasons Everything
in excellent working order. Starts right up! Many new parts. Have done
a lot of beefing up on auger bucket, etc. Has windshield washer and
wiper, heater, defroster, full gauges. Will blow wet/slushy/melting
(heavy) snow 25 feet. Got powder??? You can throw powder as far as you
want. Clear your snow in a tank top and shorts! This unit is NOT a
toy..but it is fun to run. Auger/blower is 5 ft. wide and is the
widest overall dimension on the whole unit . Total vehicle weight is
approx. 7,000 pounds. Unit is located about 75 miles north of Klamath
Falls, OR. $ 17,000.00 If interested call Joe @
541-633-0254 Serious inquiries only !!!


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