Bogging issue

Dec 8, 2017
My brother and I are having an issue that we've been dealing with for the past couple seasons. He has a 2004 MXZ Renegade 800 HO that wont run properly. The issue is that the sled seems to run fine for a little while until we start getting into the deeper stuff.

The sled will just start running like garbage. It wont get over 5.5-6k on RPMs. It sounds like a serious bog issue.

The things we've replaced are:
-top end
-rebuilt crank
-carb face gasket
-rebuilt primary clutch
-coil pack
-carb boots
-Y pipe gaskets
-spark plugs

We've run out of ideas and any advice would help. Again, after we've done the work and "think" we've fixed the issue it runs fine just running up and down the road. It tacks properly and runs like a raped ape. Also going down the trail to get to our favorite spots, it runs fine. After a while of riding and playing around in the deeper snow it falls on its face.

Thanks for the help.


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A) Prefilters on your air intake(s)?
Does it only happen in the powder?

B) You say that you have done some work on your primary, but how about your secondary clutch?

C) Since you are on Snowest, I hafta ask if possibly you changed the track? If you are trying to pull a 151 x 2 with Revnegade gears - that will produce bog too.

I'm leaning towards the secondary clutch...

Sep 24, 2009
Yakima Wa
When you rebuilt the primary clutch, did you install a new sliding sheave bushing? If that bushing is bad, it will fall on it's face under load. Does the problem get worse at higher altitude? If so, it could be a DPM problem.
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