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Nov 26, 2007
Wiring accessories on a KTM 450SXF and have a question regarding how to trigger the relay. There are no wires on the SXF that are only hot when the bike is running except for the stator output wires which are AC current. Because of this, last year I ended up just putting a toggle switch in that triggers the relay and closes the circuit to power all the accessories. This works fine but is a pain in the ass because if you forget to switch it off when you shut the bike off it will drain the battery. My question is that if I buy a 12VAC relay can I run DC power through this relay to the accessory circuit as i have it now but use the AC power from a stator wire as my trigger signal for the relay? I suspect a standard DC relay will not work because the AC current to the signal side of the relay won't hold it in? From what I understand the AC relay is designed for this so the AC current will still hold the relay coil in? If this is true is there any issue with running DC current through the line side of an AC relay?


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Jan 3, 2017
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Been playing around with a 2010 KTM 530 XCW. You are correct that a regular DC relay will not work, it just flutters and will be damaged quickly. There is also no issue running DC current on the switched side of the AC relay. I tried using this relay which is 12V AC triggered tied into the lighting circuit to run blinkers that I added this summer. Relay sort of worked, not enough current at idle to actually latch it and hold steady ,bt at high idle it would work just fine. Can probably wire in a resistor to create a higher current draw to get it working well. I opted to go the full DC concersion with a Trail Tech Stator. It's plug and play into the factory harness at least on the XCW/EXC. I did end up rebuilding most of my wiring harness to clean it up and make it easier to add in some other accessories though.


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Nov 29, 2007
Cyclops makes a relay plug N play that connects to the test port under the seat , It closes the relay only when bike is running It will shut off grips ect soon as bike engine dies
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