Big Nasty Grass Drags in September

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Grass Drags

I think there can be some changes made. This was a very fun event, but more Racers = more fun. They should let 121'' tracks & Studs race. Till then Clutched hold's 5 - 1st place & 3 - 2nd place trophies in the 600 Stock - 1000 Mod class's between Brittney, Josh & Cale. The Clutched Crew & 20+ more sleds will show up next year just out of Bend, OR. This event is the total package fun races on and off the hill with a crazy fun night life.



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May 7, 2008
Atascadero Ca
Grass races

That would be great if the stud thing can happen.Two set for 1000 mod. class .Two setup for 800 mod.class .Three with 136" tracks and one with 144" track .Two are ck 3 chassis and two with s chassis.Would be a fun time.Do you use a pro tree for starts?Keep us posted.
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