Dec 29, 2011
I have a lot of parts for sale posting here before Facebook. I will try to check this but may be easier to text. To keep post smaller I will send picture as requested. (5 1 5) 5 74 —9 5 2 6
Shipping in United States preferably.

-Walker Evan’s clicker shocks full package revalved by Carls Cycle last season that cost me over $600 to re-valve $850 for the set
-155” orange stock rails (straight, ends are cut for anti-stab, hifax good, 600 miles on rails) $200.00
-163” ice age standard cut black rails! (Straight, 200 miles on them, ends are cut for anti-stab) $300
-17’ axys complete front end ( black, both uppers and lowers with only a couple small scuffs) $400
-ZRP 1” offset spindles black (one spindles had small scuffs) $125
-MTNK 5’ tunnel cooler $190
-complete electric start system with ring gear removed from clutch -$ make offer
-BMP light weight battery holder $25
-stock rear bumper (scuffs) $25
-MTNTK Bullet proof anti stab $90
-also have (2) very lightly used 155”x15x2.6 tracks $575 shipped in states (will post in other sections also)

PRO RMK PARTS - make offer on these parts all came off a 13’ pro.

- Top and bottom stock gearing $ make offer
-stock master cylinder, brake pads still good $ make offer
- Jack shaft ,straight and true
- stock drivers
-driveshaft collar
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