Beta 450 Upgrades


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Jan 14, 2019
Bozeman, Montana
My Beta detonated last year and I've still got a couple upgrades from it sitting around the garage.

Clarke 3.8 gallon tank with petcock attached that fits 2010-2012 BETA 350/400/450/520 RS and 2011-2013 350/400/450/520 RR. Still in great condition. Has Beta stickers on the sides that are peeling, but the tank is solid.
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20200130_220548.jpg 20200130_220540.jpg 20200130_220523.jpg

A Fisher custom super plush seat, very wide and padded. One thumbnail sized hole on the back left of it where a stick jabbed it or something, I could patch it for you with an iron-on waterproof nylon style patch before shipping/pickup if desired.
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20200130_220503.jpg 20200130_220448.jpg 20200130_220440.jpg

Both are just best offer, pick them up here in Bozeman or make it worth my time to ship :)
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