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Best shop to get true performance work done


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Dec 2, 2007
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Hey guys fishing for advice on who to have do some engine work for me although I suspect I already have my mind made up.


Feel free to list any I didn't

Carls cycle
Indy Dan
Rk tek
Last but not least - Terra alps

Anyone who has had a mod mono block built or work done. Big bores, long short rods, custom porting ect- post up your thoughts on value performance ect. Rumors are ok too. Spill it!

Long story short, I'm not into paying people to do things I can do. I'm not happy with the workmanship of the last "drop in kit" I did. Trust me, I went above and beyond on the installation. Coke scales and Guages a plenty in my shop! Plan to break it in and see but doubt it will stay in there long. Steel main plate just makes no sense from a metallurgy/harmonics point of view. Going for a big cc custom big bore, balanced. Heavy crank, all the boost build. Also want to be able to take it to 8600. Atleast 15lds of boost/atmo and probably try out a new charger that flows more air than the venerable gtx2867r that was provided in my boondocker race gas pro rmk kit. In doing this means I'll have a pure race gas no bull pul and go sled hanging out ready to play with anyone else's should the time come. Probsbly crank it up more if the coolers I'm working on are effective enough.

Just don't want to spend hard earned money on gimmicky bs. I want THE best. . Again, BEST.


I can't see indy Dan really being the best considering the volume he is dealing with. They all look like remans to me, with a primo price. Carls cycle is hit or miss, pretty uch pay a premium if your not on their list.

Also, how are some of these big bores 860s when they use the same piston that's in my kit. Does that mean Mines already an 860? Dfuq? Lol

Not trying to flame anyone but everyone who is in our sport, in my opinion, deserve the best of the best! Me included especially if I elect to pay for it. $for$ I might just end up 850 swapping my old junk. Have a 22 boost on order so putting a 40k sled against a factory 22k sled every day seems like the makings for good YouTube content (yes I got a cmx x rocket roller to combine with my longterm pro/axys project)

Big thanks to C.Willford 242 for the parts hook up, along with Dan from Alternative Impact, Ben in Bozeman for a solid deal, and Kamron H.as I'm sure I will be bugging you and Mark at CmX soon enough

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Nov 2, 2017
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My Pro has an Indy Specialties long rod motor in is, but I only got it for this season, so I haven't put much on it. I'm not sure about big bores, porting, and so on, but I'd definitely go with them if I just wanted a stock displacement motor I was going to boost to the moon. Of the names you mention, I hear Carl's Cycle mentioned the most regarding big bores and custom work. SLP can do pretty much anything you want, but I haven't heard many reports – good or bad – about their work.

Ultimately, there are probably several shops that can do what you need, and I'd try to talk to the big man at each of the places you've mentioned and see if he can do your work personally. I'm guessing you won't even get through with several of them, which would probably rule them out. With a bigger shop, it's probably going to cost you to have the head guy go hands-on with your work, but that should get you the best result. Keep in mind, there are a few independent shops that build motors and do a very good job, and that might be the only good way to go for that personal touch.

I do some oddball mechanical jobs here and there (replacing a "permanent" u-joint on my Mercedes, for instance), and it's far more miss than hit, finding guys who can do what I need, and don't mind working with something outside their normal jobs. Unfortunately, when I do find somebody, it's usually much older, often semi-retired guys. Years of mail-order (now Amazon), bolt-on pieces and kits, and everything increasingly designed around planned obsolescence and sub-unit replacement rather than repair mean that the true fabrication and repair shops are disappearing.


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Dec 2, 2007
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@BeartoothBaron maaaan . If I could reach through this phone and fist bump you for what you said. 🥲

I genuinely feel as thought the deck of cards for the next couple years are going to be pulling more and more **** hands than the last few. Not just for me, but in general, my type of people.. I'm not trying to be negative and I do try and make a general effort to stay up beat with it all!

Economically speaking? This is about one of the last hold outs of "white privilege". To keep on topic and not get into engineered obsolescence. As a community? Couldn't pick a better people than sled friends- and through friendly competition we can all help each other rise to the occasion. Hell after all someone's got to pay taxes?

-on topic reset-

I got enough to keep me busy for a while. Added a 2015 pro rmk 155 in season build with 3900 miles. Got 5 total pro rmk bulkheads in my possession. Not one front bumper that's functional between the lot! Appreciate anyone who shares thoughts along the lines of cfi600 - cfi 800 "mod" motors. That's not even necessarily the right term. To rephrase- when I build a motor I expect it to not only outperform oem in all metrics, but last longer.


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