Best place to snowmobile in the entire minnesota??


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Jan 18, 2008
Farmington, MN
some great little spots i've found w/in an hours drive of the twic cites are:

Unload 2-3 miles south of Redwing and follow Trails SE towards Lake City and Frontenac ( some real nice 60-100 mile loops) very hilly and wooded. Groomers do nice job too, little traffic and a wide variety of woods,hills, twistys, open stretches, ditches, drifted fence lines, etc.

The other is the St. Croix St Forest (Pine City/Hinckley Area) unload in Pine City on Cross lake boat landing and run the lake to the trails and get in the St.Croix state forest and ride to Danbury, Wi. 75mi or 150 roundtrip. St Croix state forest is very well groomed and twistys/heavy woods, hills, forest roads, river crossings, scenic!
Feb 11, 2010
Lots of trails around the Hackensack area. I'm not much of a trail rider we mostly ride swamps, powerlines, and fire roads. If any of you guys are ever up this way let me know we could maybe do some riding.

Oct 6, 2008
P-Town MN
to the north and the northwest of Alexandria is the area i play in. the trails are not that bad if the groomer drivers would get their head out of where the sun don't shine and actually use their equipment to fix the trails. We rode ditches from north of lake Milltona to veining then to highway 29 and back to lake Miltona. we never seen another track till we hit highway 210. It was all ditch riding.
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