BEST mod for the ol 1M


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Mar 10, 2008
Miller, SD 57362
Forward mounted steering

PM wildchild on here he sells them and can give instructions, they are pretty easy to install and if you do a search on here it has been covered a few times, good luck:face-icon-small-hap


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Nov 26, 2007
hey where did everyone go that actually knows what they are doing with these older style sleds?

oh ya, www.backcountr
Newbie 900 Mods

Well I dove into the snowmobile sport at the age of 43 the middle of last winter with a purchase of a 2003 900 1M 151" and love it...I did 6 rides before the snow left. Now I'm giving her lots of attention with new parts and pieces to get her ready to meet LaNina this winter...

1st was to fix and re-enforce the cracks in the tunnel in the foot wells.
2nd steering post forward relocate (wildchild)
3rd a 20/45 hyvo gears and 74p hyvo chain.(what I read was recomended)
4th new clutch springs (my yellow spring was broke)
5th custom seat roughly 3" taller
6th This mod is still in the works and is a tough one to grasp the $$$ part, I need a new track and I really really want a 153" powerclaw but to do so I need to switch to 3.0 drivers and that Mod along with the new track is shocking :face-icon-small-sho...But it should put the cherry right on top..Any sugestions appreciated...Pics to come when she's all back together...


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Dec 24, 2007
in the shadow of the Rubies, Nevada
Finally! Got my seat upgrade! Been browsing around for months hoping to find a used BOSS with no luck... and I wasnt gonna pay $400.00. This setup cost me $125.00 and feels GREAT!

...and YES, the POLARIS emblem will be going away soon!
Dec 6, 2010
02 mtncat 800

Best mod as a set....Slp Pipe, Can, and Airbox.
Simpilest way to get more out of any engine is to increase air intake and outflow with proper back pressure.
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