Best low cost mountain sled?

Oct 18, 2010
Marquette MI
Yikes, that track in the pic looks like it got into a fight with a meat grinder!
But thats the 'new' one :laugh:

That looks like a decent sled. Good find. I hope it runs as well as it looks.
I'm hoping so too. It seems like its in good shape, I lubed everything up when I changed the track, and changed the chain case oil, cleaned the carbs, and generally cleaned the sled up.

The only bad things I've found so far are- the rod that holds the spindle upright is bent, the speedo cable is broken, and there is a slight crack in the Rubber piece that attaches the Carb to the engine.
I fixed up the crack in the boot, straightened up the rod, and am looking for a new speedo cable, but it isn't essential.

Anything else I should look at?

My main concern right now is getting the carbs tuned right, and synced. after I put them back on after I cleaned them, it backfired a few times, but once it started it seemed to run right.

Thanks guys!

Also, Should I remove the sway bar for deep snow? How do I do that, grinder?
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Nov 6, 2018
Budget sleds

I disagree, you do not need to spend $12,000 on a new sled to enjoy it. Last year I purchased a 96 Polaris 600 xlt triple 136" for a total of $200. After I drained all the water and bad gas and set her up properly she ran strong all year. I gave that one to my little brother. The next day I bought a really nice Indy 600 121" for $400. Guy didn't know how to sync carbs. An hour later I was blasting through the northern California moutians with my brother and we only spent a total of $700 on two strong running sleds. We rode the hell out of both all last year without a single problem besides a fouled spark plug here and there. This year I bought a very clean Yamaha MM700 for $1000. Clean strong running sled. Those who think that big money makes you faster or have more fun have clearly never met my KTM440. She ain't pretty but will blow doors off anything with valves
Apr 11, 2018
I'm not sure what you did to fix your carb boot, but short of replacing it you are asking for trouble. You will run way lean if there is any air leak there
Agree, replace that carb boot. In case you are not familiar, what poorider means by running way lean is, you will melt down the motor and blow it up.
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Feb 2, 2012
Any fuel injected RMK 700 (IQ chassis) should serve you well.

I have one and love it. It has 155" track and does just fine in deep powder and with ice scratchers is good on trails and doesn't overheat because it has a front cooler. New lighter mountain sleds tend to overheat on groomed trails and watching the temp gauge all of the time is a pain ;-)


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Jul 9, 2011
Hortonville, WI
Not what you want to hear, but from my experience, if you double your money you should be able find a reliable need nothing sled. Most sleds for 1200 need a track or this and that and werent maintained properly. But who knows maybe youll get lucky! My vote is any sort of Polaris RMK 600 or 700 97 and newer. Or an SKS OR Switchback when they started making those a few years later.
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