Best air intake?


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Mar 5, 2010
Im looking to pickup a leftover Sidewinder or King Cat for next season, will likely do a tune & exhaust so starting to think about an intake as well. Is the only option for deep snow to have the intake sticking out of the hood? Id prefer to keep it under hood but i can see with snow piling up against the vents it would drown it a bit. Or is the stock intake sufficient?


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Nov 27, 2007
Thorsby, Alberta
Re: intake

The 18-newer Sidewinder intake is the same as 17-up King Cat. I found the stocker to be fine 90% of the time, only on super deep handlebar powder days did I have issues with the stock location ( I always sprayed my intake screens with Pledge to keep snow from sticking). Anyway, I finally installed EVO’s intake. Sticks out of the hood but is close to it, haven’t had any issues. I think the CR intake is just as good, but it does sit a bit taller...
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