Beacons, Rino Radios and Cell Boosters


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Nov 26, 2007
Menan, Idaho
To all my fellow sledders. I have access to new Beacons, Rino Radios and Wilson Cell phone boosters, I will sell them at quite reduced prices so here is a list of some of it. I can also get Shovels and probes, let me know what you need. Take Credit Cards and ship UPS from my business.
Piep DSP Tour, 265.00
Pieps DSP, 330.00
Pieps Freeride, 175.00

Rino 120, 230.00
Rino 610, 325.00
Rino 650, 460.00
Rino 655, 550.00

Wilson Cell Boosters, these work and work great, sell a lot of them to the the people going to work in Montana and North Dakota to work in the oil fields.
2 most popular
Signal Boost, 811214, , 199.00
Mobile Wireless, 801212, 310.00
Also for the Smart Phone Crowd, the Sleek 4G Cradle Booster, 815126, 130.00.
These are complete kits ready to put in any vehicle, with a mag mount antenna.
Can get any Wilson product but these are the 2 most frequently purchased. They make great boosters for Cabins, houses etc. However, there must be signal to Boost if you get my drift. The best and most popular for a cabin is the DB Pro Kit, complete with every thing you need , 499.00.
Call my office Mon-FRi 8-5 , ask for John or Shereen, and tell us that you read it on Snowest. 208-522-0038
Or Pm me and I will get back to you.

Don't wait till you need it, as sometimes stock is not there, so order early.
Thanks John,( grandpaj)

Shipping will be on top of prices for exact amount to get it to you.
Canadian purchases , GST or Customs is your responsibility.
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