BCA Throttle, Beacons, Shovel and Probe---SOLD!!!

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Dec 6, 2010
Spring Creek, NV
I have a few things for sale that are extras I don't use. I always have a spare of everything in case one breaks or someone else needs to borrow, but 3 or four spares is a bit excessive haha.

BCA Float Throttle Orange- This was worn 4 times this past year. There is one small blue scuff on the bag from where it rubbed against my fuel barrel in the trailer (shown in the pics). Has never been deployed (but I can deploy it for the purchaser if they wish). It will come with the canister. $400

BCA Tracker DTS Beacon- I have had this beacon for 2 years and have never had any problems with it. Works great as a backup or primary. It has the strap. $150

BCA Tracker 2 Beacon- This was bought brand new in January. It has been worn 3 times. Works flawlessly as if new. Comes with the strap and manual. $200

BCA A-2 Shovel w/ Saw- Bought this in January and used it a few times for digging out and cutting some tree branches. The shovel blade has a few chips in the paint from use, but no structural damage. Saw was used to cut some tree branches. $55

BCA Stealth 270 Probe- This is an aluminum probe. Has only been used once or twice to check snow depth. Not a single mark on it. Comes with the carrying bag. $30

Prices are somewhat firm (they are VERY good prices for next to brand new equipment). Please PM me with any offers. All prices will include shipping unless you wish to have the canister shipped full. In that case, it will be an extra $20 for shipping. I will only accept a USPS money order as payment (too many issues with PayPal in the past). If you have over 500 posts here on Snowest, I will consider shipping to you before I receive the money order. Please contact me via PM and I can give you my shipping address.


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