BCA MTN Pro Vest 2.0 with canister, brand new---SOLD!!!

Mar 4, 2015
Medium/Large. $850 with the canister.

I ended up buying a vest for snowboarding instead so this one has got to go, my loss is your gain!

Designed for high-performance mountain snowmobiling, the Float MtnPro Vest avalanche airbag is a low profile pack/vest that integrates with external equipment such as hydration systems or our BC Link Radios.

The Float MtnPro Vest features full front, side and back protection with 1mm of hard shell sandwiched between two layers of PE foam. This provides protection from trees, rocks, handle bars, or whatever else you might come across on your sled adventures. The Float MtnPro Vest includes external shovel carry, secure dual side-release buckles over the front zip, articulated shoulders, and bigger pockets.

BCA’s next-generation Float 2.0 cylinder is nearly 30% smaller and 15% lighter than our Float 1.0 engine. All the Float 2.0 system elements sit entirely separate behind a zippered covering, freeing up valuable space in the main compartment for gear, first-aid kit, and supplies.


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