bakD off season videos of dirt bike trail riding in sled zones..


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Nov 26, 2007
Bellevue, WA
I love riding moto in some of the same spots we sled in the winter. Such a different perspective. Thought I'd share a couple videos from this summer riding moto in some of our favorite sled zones..

This one is Blewett Pass, WA. Incredible sled zone due to the fire a couple years back. Those trees are definitely starting to get old as they are dropping right and left which made for quite an adventure and lots of obscenities on this ride as we got stuck in a maze of down trees for two hours..

This one is up in Mad River trail system by Lake Wenatchee. Never sledded out here, but I know there's a bunch of trail sledding out here...think some of this may be accessible in the winter. I wonder?

This one is up in the Naches area, heading up to Quartz Mountain. Been out here a few times in last couple sled seasons, some great stashes out here..

If people dig it I'll share a couple more. Just a few more moto rides before the snow comes and my channel switches to winter fun.
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