Nov 28, 2007
In the market for a new backpack. Want one that has the shovel on the outside and maybe the probe as well. I like the looks of the Ortovox Cross Rider 20 but can't find a Canadian dealer. Any dealer info or suggestions for other packs?



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Dec 17, 2003
Mt. Pleasant, UT
Want one that has the shovel on the outside and maybe the probe as well.
The ABS Escape Freeride has the external shovel and probe pouches, but it doesn't have a lot of storage space like a 20L pack would have. And it is a little more money than most people are looking to spend.

My next one will be ABS escape 30 unless something better comes out, prolly next year.
IMO, the ABS Vario 30 would be a better pack because it gives you the flexibility to have a different size pack without having to buy a whole new ABS system, you would just have to buy the pack portion. That way when they come out with a pack that you like better, maybe one with the external shovel & probe pouch, you can just buy the pack to zip onto your ABS Vario Base unit.


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Apr 16, 2005

Two weeks ago I was at a snow show looking for a pack. After hours of comparing features, design, quality, and just plain has it all, I chose the True North Adventure Gear "Storm Pack". It has the space if you need it, but it also cinches right down to a small comfortable pack if you prefer. It was designed by a mountain sled rider who put a great deal of thought into it. And get this, the buckle on the chest strap is actually a whisle for emergencies. You won't be disappointed.
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