Are you Over 50 and STILL SHREDDING?

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Feb 10, 2009
Turn 51 this year. Riding an 18 early release turbo cat 153. Still trying to improve. This year my plan is bow ties and hop overs. Want to upgrade to an alpha cat before next season. I love the sport. I don't plan on slowing down for years yet. Makes me feel like a kid again when your ripping thru the powder, climbing technical trees runs, using the natural terrain features to play on, etc

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Nov 27, 2008
Eastern Idaho
For all the old sob’s that may not have any experience with the Jackson Hole Hillclimb let me tell you that hill is one mean bastard. Video does not do it justice. That hill is crazy steep and full of rocks and stumps and all form of nasties. You have to have stones big enough you need a wheel borrow to carry them to attempt climb it. The catch net usually gets 3-4 times as many customers as the top gets.

With all of that I (and old snowmobiles everywhere) have a new HERO.

61 year old FARON GILBERT went over the top!!!!!!!!
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Mar 3, 2008
North Dakota
Still riding at nearly 70, but this is the first year I didn't ride the steep powder in the West.
Did do trails, but next year my mountain sled will get mountain miles! :)
Family rides with the Grandkids are a great substitute!!! Really love seeing them ride!
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