Are you Over 50 and STILL SHREDDING?

If you feel your skills are diminishing, it's time for school. Go learn new skills from guys like, Dan Adams, or find someone thru a snowmobile club. If you're just over 50, you've got a lot of years to go. I'm only 46, but my father and his buddy are 75 and 76 years young. They keep up with us youngsters and we don't exactly ride the easy backcountry, to put it modestly.

They both ride 163s, one is turboed. I think that's the best length for older riders. I've ridden a 174 and thought it was just too much sled to throw around. Especially when stuck, and I stuck that 174 a lot! It was a Doo though...
80 years old, been sledding for 53 years, don't think school would help a lot


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Apr 22, 2010
LOL , all that matters is your still riding . The new sleds are definitely an improvement over their previous models of a few years back . Some more than others , in my book less and expensive is not better . The race to make the sleds handle like a turn key one ski is on . No more horsing the machines around when a simple head nod will do on these new MTN sleds . I'll be ready to throw a leg over one in the future because of that and the modern technology . In my mid 50's and some of the best riding is in the Sub zero digits and it's -4 below so I'll be building power :) later ?


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Nov 26, 2007
Great Falls, Montana
I am 58 and most of the guys I ride with are my age or older than me by a couple years. We all still like to ride hard and have fun. We are all heading to Cooke next Tuesday for our annual ride for a week...
Nov 11, 2003
Redding Ca
60 years young !!just went from my trusty steed which is an 05 King cat fuelie , piped ,can,geared,reeded, 162 pc. To a 20 Hardcore Alpha 165 so I completely skipped 3 or 4 generations of chassis all I can say is catch me if you can in the trees ? not many of the peeps I ride with would attempt some of the nasty technical thru the tree climbs I do. I adapt quickly and climb all over the dang sled , on an 85-90 mile ride I will stand up for 90% of those miles . Kinda slowed down over the years on those huge verticles usually the same thing at the end of every one of them and that's the top been their done that? youngsters can do their 70' drops and their monster chutes, when all is said and done as long as we all come home at the end of the day it's been a good day on the snow .? As for learning to Alpha seems as though I will have to muscle down a bit as I can see a separation from the sled coming , but damn that thing is nimble!!!


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Nov 27, 2008
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When I started this thread my thought was there might be some “magic” sled that would overcome all my bad habits and diminished strength as I have got older. I have owned Polaris for years, but spent time on an alpha and for a short time owned an 850 Ski Doo. They are all good sleds. From your posts I have learned age is just a number, and as we get older it is necessary to build skills that match the terrain/equipment you ride. Over the last 2 seasons I have worked on skills. Learned from better riders, and put myself in situations I used to avoid. After much mental struggle I bought a Polaris 850 174. The sled works great. The one thing I would recommend is electric start. I love it!
Thanks for all the comments. It has been good for all of us.

Johnny T.

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Dec 9, 2007
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51 here. Just got back from 7 days of riding in West Yellowstone. Ride a axys 800 155. Looking to step up up to the 850 163. Still the trail boss/ navigator/ guide/ trip coordinator and loving it. My goal is 85 before I quit. Other than the best riding partner I could ask for, my son, every one else struggles to stay with us, but then maybe that's why I get hurt too. LOL!


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Nov 2, 2001
I turned 70 in February. Got the Expert for this year. Trading for 850 turbo for next year. I raced sleds in the early 70's.
Started mountain riding in 1989.


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Oct 21, 2011
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I’m 53, and think I’m getting more addicted every year....🤷‍♂️
Injuries are the only issue, as they happen more often and take longer to go away.....
I think Fitness is the key, I feel so much better/stronger riding when I stay active and on gym routine.....
Never had to do that when I was younger...
I ride an Axys 155 850, on the east coast in trees mostly, so very challenging technically....


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Mar 12, 2009
Turned 61 in Feb and some of my riding buddies are starting to lose interest, thankfully I've got some younger riding buddies that love to rip. I'll ride as long as I am able to stand and squeeze the throttle.
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