Anyone seen this excessive wear on mvm belt drive pulley?


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Jun 14, 2004
hyrum utah
Recently blew a belt on my mvm drive and while changing I noticed the upper pulley had some play in it. The pulley would wiggle side to side a bit and would slide on the shaft about 1/16” or so. When I removed the pulley I noticed the backside of the pulley and the metal washer behind it were significantly worn into each other. I talked a bit with mvm when getting a new pulley and they said this is not common, which I believe as I’ve never read anything negative about any of the belt drives, but couldn’t say for sure what caused it. The drive was put on the sled at new and both had about 750 miles at the time the belt blew. I have noticed since replacing the washer and pulley that I can grab the secondary clutch and push and pull on it and the jack shaft itself will slide in and out of the bearing on the case side about 1/16”. It appears that the tcl moves with the clutch and jack shaft movement, and I’m sure this movement has something to do with the pulley wear but not sure how to prevent it. Everything was installed correctly. I’m just curious with all these belt drives out there if anyone has seen anything similar.


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