Anyone riding in or near Bear Lake??


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Sep 4, 2001
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Complex #1 - Report for 2019-12-09
The upper Logan Canyon areas could use more snow at all of our trailhead/starting locations. We will be starting packing runs later this week. The following schedule is subject to change as we continue to assess snow conditions on a daily basis. Friday 12-13-2019: (Day) Packing the Swan Flat, Amazon, and Beaver Creek trails. Saturday 12-14-2019 (afternoon/evening) Amazon and Beaver Creek trails. Sunday 12-15-2019 (Day) Packing the Sink trail to Temple Canyon. Monday 12-16-2019 (Day) Swan Flat, Amazon, and Beaver Creek trails. Tuesday 12-17-2019 (Day) Packing the Tony Grove and Franklin Basin trails. Wednesday 12-18-2019 (Day) Sinks trail to Temple Canyon. Thursday 12-19-2019 (Day) Tony Grove and Franklin Basin trails.
- Bear Lake State Park
Jan 3, 2008
Northern Utah
You cant ride straight to fuel in garden city. Or you could but there would be some plowed roads and asphalt crossings to get there. Here is a link to the start of the trail head in garden city. You will need to ride a bit of plowed roads to get to it from worldmark. But its doable. If you look at that map and notice the two buildings by the cemetary. The smaller building is a chevron.
Logan trails

Thats about the best advice I can give as I usually start up much higher and connect onto that groomed trail.
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