anyone put a tki belt drive on a 2018 XF High Country?


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Nov 26, 2007
central lower michigan
been emailing Tom about this, unsure which drive to order, i know the newer M's have the extended chaincase, and this model doesnt. i know i will need the new oil pump holder, for the ctec2 motor. I just dont want to get half way through install, and find out i need more stuff, or have to fab stuff to make it work.

hoping someone has already done this, and can give me some confidence, this is doable without a bunch of headaches. thank you in advance. Ski


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Oct 30, 2008
Billings MT
I know they are pretty swamped at the TKI shop right now so email might take a few days. I'd call them to make sure you get the right combination of parts you need for that. Does that have the aluminum driveshaft in it? I know the 2018 M driveshaft uses a different hub on the bottom gear since cat didn't put splines all the way to the end of the shaft on those.
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