Anybody know how I can get ahold of Barbwire1 from the old forum?


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Nov 27, 2007
Gillette, WY
I bought a BCA tracker from barbwire1 for his $209 deal. I recieved it but it had a broken on/off switch. I sent it back to him around the 3rd of last month and have not heard back from him since. I see he is not on the new site so I cant get ahold of him. Anyone have a number to call him?

Sorry to say, but you may be out of luck on that. barwire1 would not post his real contact information out there because he didn't want anyone to find out who he really is. He is not an authorized dealer, so for him to exchange your beacon on warranty may take some time. If he's not authorized, how can he send in your beacon for an exchange?

I really hope that he will step up and help you out.
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