Any photographers in here? Novice needs help please.


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Jun 13, 2019
Can someone please help me out? I’ve been taking photos with my iPhone 6Plus and now want to buy my first DSLR camera. I’m completely green horn when it comes to photography gear. I was talking to a photographer I met a few weeks ago and he told me about crop sensor cameras are good for beginners. OK, what ever that means. Actually I had to Google that S#$% up. So I’m looking at a Nikon D5200. I was going to buy from Amazon, but then another friend told me about B&H photo. I did some google searches to see if this was a good company to buy from. Then I found this article: and now I’m all confused. I just want to buy a Nikon D5200 with USA warranty, no funny business.

Also while asking questions about this photography stuff I have noticed some places are selling with a kit lens. Not to ask a dumb question, but what is a kit lens?

Thank you.


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Aug 8, 2017
All the cameras from the Nikon are good. B&H is the best. I have been buying cameras from them for years. Just give them a call when placing your order and you will get exactly what you want.

A kit lens is the lens that comes with the camera in a bundle vs buying the lens separately. Typically when bought in the bundle you get a small discount.