Any of you people been out riding!!!

May 31, 2009
I have been all over New England and Tug Hill, NY but I can say that there is enough back country riding but you just gotta find them yourself cause everyone knows its hard to find some and some ppl keep it to themselves so they can do all the power riding. I have found plenty myself by exploring and make it happen and go off the trails and find something good. Most of the riding is all on trails because most of them are pieces of propteries. Tug Hill is actually better cause there is more opening and more exploring. its fun. Im 20 years old in college and I need another good practice riding year then i will like to come west to ride the real stuff.:)
Dec 20, 2007
yes, out here in the NE theres TONS of good back country. but its not powder like the guys out west ride. its just back country. swerving through trees,jumping, carving and a little climbing. i would rather do that than ride 8 feet of powder and spend most of my day stuck :D
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