Any 2 stroke TPI 250 or 300 builds out there?


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Oct 5, 2010
Rumor is the TPI system will fit on the next gen BRC offering. Also there is a co in AUS that is working on TBI for BRC 500.
Yep rumors and rumors of rumors. (I talked with Will Riley for nearly an hour)

Someone has to be working on a tpi fuel/ timing tuner.

Then you can actually do proper on snow fueling.

I don’t imagine a cobbled together tbi setup from OZ will have a lot of on snow testing performed. ?

The ease of tuning fuel injection (no jetting, no icing, altitude adjustment, off throttle adjustments, 3d mapping, etc.) keep me coming back for more.

Riding sea level to 6k in one day makes it a must.
Jan 14, 2004
Is the TPI bottom end the same as the carb version or does it use a compatible gear set. It would be a little bit more complicated with the TPI injection pumps etc. but probably worth the effort to bite the bullet and split the cases then change out the gear set.



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Nov 26, 2007
Nelson BC
Might be quite a wait. So far, ktm is saying no plans. Close ratio bikes are closed course bikes so they don't have to meet any euro emission standards like their wide ratio bikes. Plus it makes the bikes weigh more. KTM is currently saying they were required to go fuel injected on the models they did and they don't plan on doing the motocross bikes. Might change down the road. Guess they will consider it depending on demand.
Totally...and pretty much only North America (and still a small portion of that) really has any interest/demand for the closed ratio MX/woods hybrids.


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Oct 16, 2015
Laval , Qc , Canada
I just made the switch this season from a ktm 450 to a ktm 300 tpi and I am VERY HAPPY I run the timber sled RAW kit. I will say it might not have all the grunt of my 450 but it has 90% and it really does feel 100# lighter!! Crazy fun!
1 I have a carbon fiber pipe guard,
2 skid plate,
3 home made engine blanket,
4 a radiator cap temp gauge,

1 at -20 F it’s hard to start, but a hair dryer for 20 min to the engine fixed that.
2. Temps in the deep powder keep it alittle cold 100Fish thinking about making a foreword facing engine blanket to help, the bike runs great, it’s just the gauge reads low.
How would you compair you 300 tpi to the 450 on deep powder days ?
Nov 29, 2007
Last season I was on a TE 300 with a Lectern and carb heat. Had a mototrax 129 on the bike, and loved the whole set up. Switched from a FC 450, and couldn't be any happier. This year will be converting an XC300 for my son to ride since he out grew the CRF150r. Lot less hassle and waaaay more fun than the 450


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Dec 2, 2007
Thanks for sharing this info. Is a thermostat only required if you are using coolant heated bars?
The stock thermostat in all KTMs work really well if you enclose the engine to prevent the pow from getting in. None of us have felt the need to change. Oil looks good and only need to let the engine idle for 5 mins before riding.


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Aug 12, 2012
Heber Ut
I can tell you this.. my te300i hates to be cold with wheels and runs like total @%^&$& if it is not 130 or about... it also hates a cold pipe... when we would blow through snow berms with wheels it would not act right...I will be interested to here how it runs...

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