Another Trailer Floor Option

Dec 24, 2017
I found 700 tiles on FB marketplace for a good price. For the price, I wasn’t worried about the brand and figured it was worth a try. Laid them in my trailer and on my ramp door this weekend. I used a few stainless screws to hold it all in place. Drove the sled in when done and it slid so well on the tiles. Brand new carbides barely left a mark. Excited to see how the season goes with it.



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Dec 27, 2008
Now that you have a season or two on the Swisstrax.
How is it holding up to regular use?
Actually very good!!! The carbides hardly leave a mark in it !! I accidentally spun the IQR track with studs and that left a few more marks but really that wasn't even horrible.

What's really nice is whatever drips off the sleds falls through the tile. Once the ice builds up a little, it breaks off super easy and you sweep it out! Obviously if you have a heated trailer, this has no effect but without heat, there is no ice build up inside.

I would definitely do it again!
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