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Mar 21, 2019
I'm about 90% of the way ready to go snowcheck a new alpha. I rode the new Summit 850 last weekend in really good conditions. It seemed to want to wash out on a steep sidehill and try to climb straight up. I was told that locking out the T-motion would help resolve this.

I'm curious if anyone on the alpha has experienced this. If the track flexes more, seems like it would want to track uphill too.

Someone with a season on the alpha chime in here. I'm coming off the Proclimb.

The only other issues I've heard is some bent tunnels and the track loosening a bit causing damage to the single rail. Anything I'm missing?

turboless terry

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Jan 15, 2008
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The alpha is a sidehilling machine. It doesn't wash out or want to turn uphill like the doo. It will slide out if there is slick stuff and you give it too much throttle. They all will. I think the doo has a tenancy to turn uphill because t motion has you tilted in that direction. Always have to work the bars to keep it going where you want. The alpha doesn't do it because it is a fixed skid and the track is actually tilted the other way a hair. You can actually run a trail and have like a 4 foot strip of snow between the trail and trees and whip off at 30 mph and not worry about overdoing it and hitting the trees if that makes sense. I think it is because the track is flexed the other way when you berm up on the snow to miss some bumps. I have got sucked over, when riding lazy, with the other sleds. My buddy even got sucked over a bank when he got caught off guard. The alpha doesn't do that. Hope this answered your questions. I also own a 850 summit and an alpha.

712 miles. Hi fax good. Never tightened track. Flipped it over backwards twice. Once on purpose and once on accident. No bent tunnel. Does seem cheesy though.
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