Adrenaline GTX or Radium GTX???


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Jul 5, 2001
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I have the old Adrenalines and worn them right out. Busted lace eyelets and fabric worn off, not even close to waterproof anymore. And I bought 2010 ones to replace.

If you think about it though I had them for 3 years ~15 rides a year so I wore these boots for ~45-55 days. Not very long for them to be as worn out as they are....

Well if you think about it, we don't walk on cement/snow/dirt all day long. We are doing the two-step on our runningboards all day long. I'm not sure about your boards, but most newer sleds have some pretty sharp edges and with that, well, I kick the sht outta my boards and skis. My HMK BOA's lasted 2 years before they started leaking. Bout 35-40 rides. Longest lasting boots to date, before I had used Altimate and Burton boots. Got a new set every year.......I'm hoping I like my Adrenaline's(along with the socks) and have em for atleast as long as my HMK's lasted, if they last longer.....bonus...
Jan 26, 2008
I bought the Adrenaline GTX hope they work as good as they feel. I also bought tog bibs valdez coat already had powercross gloves a little lame bein all Klimed out like that but I havent heard too many complain about their Klim gear so Klim it is. I also ordered a 509 helmet over 2 weeks ago and dont know if its coming or what because I cant get a response from Tom via email. phone or any means I can think of, Soooo frustrating.


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Jan 24, 2011
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I know this is a super old thread. I recently bought a set of Klim radium boots and they’re are absolutely terrible, most uncomfortable boot I have ever worn, they fit , maybe a little roomy even, 3 sizes bigger than the workboot size I wear. They pinch my ankles so bad it feels like a torture device, wrinkles in the toe section of the liner crush my toes and they’re so stiff it hurts my calves, I can’t hardly walk in these, let alone ride because of them being so painful, don’t know how anyone could. I have no idea why these things are so horribly uncomfortable, they’re way too stiff for sure, but even ski and snowboard boots can be comfortable as well as supportive, these things just suck!


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Nov 29, 2007
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I do believe the radiums are designed to be stiff more for protection in snow cross type of riding. All the people that I know that have klim boots all have either the adrenaline or the adrenaline boas. I have the boas and love them.

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