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99 600 RMK high idle

Aug 24, 2013
Last year I purchased a 99 600 RMK in excellent, low mileage condition. The sled has sit quite a bit and this winter is the first time we've had enough snow to finally ride it. The idle is very high (3,200 rpm). Going through a ton of fuel. The idle does drop if I flip on the choke. Before I tear into this, kind of new to snowmobiles, any ideas on what is causing the high idle. I am suspecting a plugged pilot jet, since the sled has been sitting quite a bit.


Scott Stiegler
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Nov 1, 1998
W Mont
Fire it up.
Open the hood.
Spray some ether or carb cleaner around the base gaskets all the way around the cylinders and carb boots.

Does it make it idle even higher? If so, you have a base gasket or carb boot leak.


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Dec 13, 2007
Okay I can check those things. If I don't get any positive results, could a plugged pilot jet cause these symptoms.

probably. could also be the throttle cables need adjusting. if theyre out of whack the slide(s) could be hanging too high above the idle screws. make sure theyre both in perfect synch, and there should be a tiny bit of movement in your throttle before they start to pull the slides up so you know your sitting on the idle screws.
Feb 8, 2013
Clean those carbs!

Carbs can be very weird, do lots of strange things when they are gummed up. The problem is, sometimes you can go all through them and they "look" just fine, but can still have internal passages plugged.
There has been times I have had to do mine 3 times before they worked right.
While your at it, you also check all the other related things, like choke and throttle cables, slides moving freely, all screws set the same on each carb, etc.
I have had choke cables stick open, making the engine run high, twice.
Good luck.
there is another screw to adjust I just cannot exactly remember what it is called. Mine did the same thing and somewhere I found info on what to adjust. I apologize for replying and not remembering but maybe someone else will help us out.
I think it has something to do with air.
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