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98 xc700 into a rmk

Aug 2, 2011
So when I was 16(2006) I had a good after school Job so I bought my first sled a 98 xc. I then bought every performance part made, v-force 3 reeds, bikeman performance built my stock pipe, I put a 144x1-3/8 track, put 600 chaincase gears, had a polaris clutching guru clutch it, I painted the hood red, got custom decals, put a red/black 01 seat and tank cleaned it up like new and rode it for many years till I bought a snowbike. But now that I'm 31 got a good job I want to build the best 98 rmk 700 ever made! Cause I absolutely love wedge chassis especially the 98 xc/rmk 700! I plan on putting some good money into this. I stripped it down to the chassis and the plan is to rebuild the engine and polish it, repair stress cracks in the hood and repaint it red again, have some one really good port and polish the heads, going take out the 144 extra 10 and put a new skid 146" with a big wheel kit. I need a nice clean belly pan for it if anyone has one? Going to put new custom front shocks that are taller for more travel I will fab up what I need to so it works and makes the sled sit taller. I need to know where I can get 7 tooth track drivers for it? Is there a different chaincase that I could use so I can drop it more? I'd love to put a 146x2.25!! I also need a tunnel heat exchanger from a 98 rmk if anyone has one? I'm going to get alot of factory parts remade in carbon fiber to not only make it light but be the sickest wedge chassis rmk ever made! I am so excited to do this build if you have any of the parts I need please email me @ nrcote1990@yahoo.com. if you do carbon fiber work lmk as well please thanks guys!! Here's a picture of what it looked like after I completed the first buildFB_IMG_1634686718377.jpg


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Nov 27, 2008
Yamaha used some 7 tooth drivers (for 3" pitch tracks) that were made for a hex shaft. You may be able to find a used set and press them on to the Polaris drive shaft. That is if the track you are using is a 3" pitch.
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