• I've received emails and PM's asking me about "Group Buys" and promotions.

    A Group Buy here on SnoWestOnline.com would be a situation where a normal member (non vendor or mfg) personally collects orders from other members. That member then uses those orders to negotiate a better price with the Vendor/Mfg for HIS/HER "Group" of buyers.

    Here is an example of a viable "Group Buy"


    A promotion that has the words "Group Buy" in the title is still a promotion, and from the rules that were handed down to me by Harris Publications is that non-advertisers cannot run promotions or open sales programs on the forums outside of the swapmeet.

    If a members wants to become a group buy manager, maintain a thread and collect the funds and negotiate a group buy... as a member, you are welcome to do that as long as you are not attached to the business of the vendor or Mfg.

    If you are a vendor/MFG and you want to offer an EXCLUSIVE "SnoWestOnline ONLY" promotion that is exclusive to snowest readers, please contact me and you'll be able to put it up in the Polaris forums.

    Also, before any vendors/mfgs get all "riled up" over this know that the moderators are strictly volunteers and do not receive a dime from any advertising $$ spent on this site.

    As ALWAYS, since DAY ONE of me becoming a moderator, I have pioneered, supported and encouraged vendors and mfgs in getting the word out to our readers with "New Product Announcements.

    Have a great season.

    From this point on, all vendors/mfg's promoting Pre-Season tiered sales programs, in the Polaris Forums, that are not paid advertisers will be appropriately moved to the swapmeet section of the forums.


98 RMK cutting out/dim headlight problem

Nov 23, 2013
I have a 98 RMK 600 that seems to have an electrical issue. At or just above idle it keeps cutting out. Acting like someone pushes the kill switch down then back up before it shuts off, and sometimes does actually just shut down. When the sleds actually moving nothing like this occurs until coming back down to idle.

Also, the headlight is super dim, and a few times at idle (not at the same time as the cutting out) it would flicker on to as bright as it should be, then back to super dim. I'm no mechanic and don't really know where to start looking.

Does this just sound like a bad connection somewhere or more complicated than that?

Also, it seems to me like these two problems are not related as they never happen at precisely the same time.


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Jul 3, 2001
Right, they are two separate electrical circuits. It sounds like the throttle safety switches which are in the throttle assembly are not operating correctly or throttle lever free play is out of spec. There should be .010" to .030" gap between throttle lever and throttle block at idle position.


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Nov 23, 2013
so i got the throttle adjusted better and the cutting out disappeared. Also, purchased and installed new voltage regulator. Before the lights were just really dim, now with the new regulator it has blown two headlight bulbs. But not the taillight or dash lights. I haven't checked if the new regulator is not faulty, but seems weird it only blows the headlight
Nov 23, 2013
Headlights seem to blow quicker than other bulbs for some reason. Coincidentally there is a thread in the Gen 2 section with a sled blowing headlights and he just replaced the regulator too. https://www.snowest.com/forum/showthread.php?t=438657 It would be the same regulator as what you have. I wonder if someone is selling faulty regulators.
i was reading somewhere the aftermarket voltage regulators aren't very good. but an oem Polaris one is like $70. Guess ill check voltage tomorrow and go from there. Thanks for the good info on these couple threads retiredpop
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