966 ramps @ 51 grams (new pdrive ramp)


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Nov 26, 2007
Thunder Bay, ont

A new ramp for low elevation - primarily in Europe/Scandinavia from what I know so far.

966 @ 51 grams.

I'll put them up to the other ramps after to compare.

Similar to the 951, but the mass is distributed a little differently. I think it will have more bottom end and lower engagement speed. I'll test this out over the winter and have other test guys run it too. Im going to make a guess that it will be less resistant to rpms sucking down at higher track speeds. Like say when you are doing a wheelie on a trail (to get from this snow stash to that snow stash) and wheelie over a hill at 40~45mph, the ramp will be more resistant to not having the engine drift rpms lower when the skis land on the ground; less rpm drift at mid to higher track speeds can be reduced by less mass on the end of the ramp.

Last season I was able to get 2700~2800 engagement with 990 and 951's. I'll check this 966 ramp for engagement speed right away.

I got a spring tested last season 155/370 so was able to get the engagement speed down even more with the kit and have it at 3000 rpms with certain ramps (as an option); so i'll try that out and complete a chart i'll put in my 850 Blog.
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