850-T lightweight hood nit

Aug 12, 2018
As a very happy owner of the 20.5 850T, I'm posting a note here asking other owners of the same mid season sled (and making future owners aware) about a silly issue.

First, this sled rips. I could not be more pleased at 250mi and post break-in. Makes me look at the mountain differently and has improved my riding wthout a question. Glancing down and seeing track speeds that were never before possible on the N/A 850. Keeping momentum in places where it just wasn't possible before. Then I rode my 18 850 once after regularly riding the factory turbo and it felt obsolete by comparison.

When I got the sled new, both sides of the front hood attachment tabs were out of their slots. I rode it for a couple rides anyway, and later took the hood off (wanted to see what's underneath anyway, obviously) and put it back together properly. Figured that it shifted or wasn't perfectly aligned/installed from the factory. No prob. But now it's repeating every time there's any outside downward force on the hood.

The lightweight hood presents a few issues. One is loss of storage (as has been thoroughly discussed) and the other is how flexible it is. Now, I realize, this was likely a design "feature" as we tend to have sleds upside down on occasion :unsure: and the concept of bend is better than break. Just push on one of these hoods compared to standard gen4 hood and you can quickly see what I mean. I'm annoyed at how easily the front attachment tabs come out of place on the front two slots meeting the belly pan. I rolled my sled twice the other day in very soft snow and now the tabs are out. Takes a dozen torx screws to pull the hood, so slightly annoying.

I get that the hood is an increasingly (~$900?) expensive part to replace, and maybe I'm too used to Ski-Doo's factory fit and finish being 100%. Has anyone else had this issue? Maybe doo can adjust some molds for the 2021 run to avoid what appears to be a design problem? Other input/suggestions from 20.5 owners?

This is definitely NOT an important factor against buying a 2021 sled with the new hood design, but a detail that feels overlooked (or perhaps is already solved by Doo) in their designs for 2021.

Slay on, folks.


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Dec 11, 2007
Calgary, Alberta
As having been the guy who crashed my buddies new T 850 I am happy to say the new hood is quite reasonable at about CAD$170 plus another $200 for the four frogskin air vents plus decals... have you bent your front bumper? If so that could make the alignment off on the hood. My buddy hasn't any issues yet. I just ordered a TFreeride so looking forward to next year already!


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Dec 17, 2007
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Definately have not seen this issue, it is actually 6 torx bolts to remove, the hood, two for the guage, 2 under the guage like the NA sled and two more at the front side like NA sled then loosen the airbox screw and slide off, like the above person said, you may have other damage and or did damage from not having it in properly from the beginning, i have 3000km on mine and never had that happen once or has anyone else on the team or we would have mentioned it in our weekly updates. Sorry that is happening just take some time to make sure everything is proper and inserted properly. Glad you are loving the sled otherwise. The hood is more flexible which is why the current 2020.5 does not have drill marks for the front low windshield like everyone saw at the release at club on the freeride as they want to make sure that the more flixible(beacuse of lighter weight) hood can handle it. Apparently it can or will as it moves through production to 2021. cheers dave
Aug 12, 2018
Had another great ride today. Man, this sled RIPS!! Again, the lightweight hood issue is small, but definitely annoying.

Thanks for the responses guys. I have not hit anything, the bumper and front end are pristine. Perhaps it was damaged or not assembled propertly from the factory when I got it new from the dealer, but both seem unlikely. Good news on the inexpensive hood part cost JungleJim. I just assumed it was more based on a previous/different post and the "all new/better things cost more" mentality of life.

Dave, I just erred on the side of removing all the bolts first time removing the hood to see what was happening beneath. Maybe it's fewer than a dozen, but it takes a drill to do the job efficiently nonetheless. Not something you're going to do on a ride unless absolutely necessary to get home. This is one weakness of the Gen4 sleds, because it's a huge hassle to remove the hood (especially compared to Polaris). How many guys carry a power screwdriver with t-25 in their tool kit?

If nobody else has had this issue, I'd like to hope it's just me. But I do doubt the problem is isolated to just my machine. The hood is VERY flexy. My belief is that the front of the hood moves sufficient to allow the front hood tabs to jump out of their track with any reasonable force (like weight of the sled while rolling in deep soft pow). I'm going to remove the hood again and put back into place properly, as far back into the grooves as the tabs will go (again).

Look forward to hearing any other users' experience or solutions.
Aug 12, 2018
Just got around to checking mine for ya, hood is secure and the tabs are where they’re supposed to be.

I’ve rolled mine several times as well.

If you're riding for real, rolling is a common move. Glad you're still in place!

I'm going to reposition my hood back into place again tomorrow after installing some new front Fox shocks and see how she holds from there.
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