800 PRO RMK with HM Turbo

Nov 26, 2007
Prosser, Wa
2012 POLARIS PRO RMK 800 with HM Turbo

This is a very reliable and rideable snowmobile. The sled has 1,094 original miles. It is in excellent condition. Sled has been transported and stored inside an enclosed snowmobile trailer since new. HM Turbos out of Lolo, MT professionally installed the turbo and tuned this snowmobile. It is equipped with a series 66 Aerocharger Turbo with an air to water intercooler. It has only ever been ran at approximately 5.5-6 #s of boost. This turbo can be easily turned up for more boost if desired. All of the fuel mapping is done by a Vi-PEC computer control unit. This requires zero tuning. Sled has anti-ratchet drivers, an IceAge Pro-Motion suspension, a 163 Camoplast extreme track, Goldfinger left-side throttle, Polaris elevated instrument panel bag/mount, BM Fabrications EXO front bumper, updated running boards, and numerous venting for proper airflow.

$6,500. No trades.
Located in Yakima, WA 509-840-3127 or cshindler@hotmail.com


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