8.5x24 Enclosed Trailer

Jan 13, 2008
I am looking for some feedback on those who use the 8.5x24 trailers. How do they pull? I have a F150 with the ecoboost, it does have the tow package and the trailer I am looking at is a steel framed trailer. If you have a trailer like this what are you using to pull it with, also if you have any pictures of the trailer with sleds inside I would like to see them. Please keep in mind I have a F150 and switching to a 3/4 ton truck is not an option at this time

Thanks for your help


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Jan 20, 2010
Western NE
It'll do it. I have a 17 Chevy 1500 5.3 Crew with a 6.5ft box. Pulls mine fine.
You just can't be in a hurry. 70-72 is typical, pulling the Pass up out of Laramie I can hold 60. My 2-5 hour trips, I get along fine. If I was pulling 10 hours plus... I'd be looking for a different setup.

I HIGHLY recommend air bags and an anti-sway hitch. Those things make it so much more stable.


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Nov 30, 2007
Depends how far u have to drive. I drive 12hr one way and there is no way I would drive a 1/2 for that far.

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Sep 29, 2010
I have a '16 F150 3.5L ecoboost with tow package and HD payload package and it pulls my 8.5 x 29' (24' straight & 5'V) aluminum trailer with no issues. 70-72 MPH comfortably all day long.
Trailer is 3600 lbs. empty and is 6" taller than standard so only time I ever know it is back there is on windy days. Tall trailer catches side wind and you can feel it trying to push the back of the truck slightly that you have to make a minor steering correction when coming into or out of a sheltered area.

Truck has 3:73 gears for towing and will get 20 mpg empty, but only 8-9 mpg with the above trailer.

I also pull an 8'x27' steel frame fish house toyhauler that is 8000+ lbs. fully loaded with no issues either. The fish house is taller but heavier and seems to have less side push in the wind (probably due to the heavier rig).

One area to check is your rear axle loading. Many 1/2 tons have 1800-2100 lb. payload. 4 dudes inside = 1000 lbs. + your trailer will have an 800 to 1000 lbs tongue weight depending on how you load it. That's 2000 lbs. which maxes out our truck and causes it to sag and sway and may be more that your rear axle is rated for. Check your door sticker for the GAWR & RAWR ratings.

Which is why I went with the HD payload package for no sag, no load leveling hitch, and can still throw an extra sled in the bed.

Your Ecoboost has plenty of torque and if geared with 3:55 or 3:73 gears can easily pull your 24' trailer. If your rear axle loading checks out OK, based on my experience you won't have any issues.
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