79 SRX yamaha parts needed

Sep 1, 2008

I have a 79 yamaha SRX 440 that I picked up the other day. This was a once in a life time deal for me- the original owner had this sled in a barn for over 21 years-I spent half a day helping him get to it. anyway-he sold it to me- IT'S COOL.
Does anyone have any decals for this- I am looking for the SRX one for the windsheild and one for the lt side of hood. also looking for any books and production numbers.
I also have a problem I can't figure out-when it starts-the headlight and tail-light come on for about 1/2 a minut then goes out-happens every time-i checked the plug-wiring- ANY IDEAS?

let me know-thanks:face-icon-small-hap
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Jan 5, 2008
i know a guy that has a srx motor in some special titanium chassis that some factory company made, 340 srx guess there really really rare ported to the nutz, 44mm carbs, twin pipes he says it clutch engagement is around 8500 and turns 14500 makes roughly 80ish hp they won the ice drags i wana say it was 92mph in 5ooft pretty fast for back in those days i think he was factory backed, back then hes still got it to this day.
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