78 Yamaha SRX Comet Clutch ??

Nov 6, 2001
OK I have a question for someone out there.. My clutch on my SRX is wasted, so I want to put on a Comet. I have trolled through other site forums and they all say go with the 102c. My question is.. is the 102c sufficient enough for the SRX or should I go with the 108? I have a 102c and it says right on the cover not to exceed 8500 rpm. Doesn't the 78 SRX rev to 9000? I have read that in the past most of the guys that raced these used the 102c that is why my question. Confused as usual...:help: :becky:
Dec 10, 2008
Don't run a 108 or a P85 on the 440 SRX, run the 102 (if you're running at altitude, if you're in the Midwest, then scratch my advice). There's less mass with the 102 and they are easier to tune with that motor. And, if you get too frustrated and you want to sell your 78....let me know. I'm looking for another 78 or 79.

Good luck.
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