72 elan won’t stay running

72 elan won’t stay running

I’ve got a 72 elan with tillotson carb. Carb was cleaned and new fuel. In tank. New plug. It starts right up with ether and will stay running for a few seconds with gas in cylinder. Any idea why it won’t stay running?


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Oct 7, 2004
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If it will stay running with ether it's likely carb. related: fuel pump not working, plugged passages, inlet valve issues, etc.

Not sure if you installed a carb kit when it was apart but the diaphrams could be in rough shape causing the problem you describe.
Jan 13, 2012
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It looks like a primer line is T'd into the main fuel line below the fuel filter. Make sure that primer and line is not letting any air into the main fuel line.

The first snowmobile I bought was a brand new 1971 Elan. After I had a couple hours running time on it, it would run a minute and stop. There was plastic shavings from the fuel tank clogging up the fuel filter.
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