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700 Edge Primary Clutch

Dec 31, 2014
Rigby, ID
So I did something really stupid. Tried to pull my primary clutch without a puller. Had a 3/4" fine thread bolt that fit the inner threads and thought sure I'll just cut a chunk of this 1/2" rod to shove in there first and then tighten the bolt down. Well it wouldn't come off and now the 1/2" rod is stuck in there. All I can think to do now is destroy the clutch and cut it off.
Suggestions for any other solutions and insights to why this didn't work?
Also, looking for a new clutch. What other models/years will work on a 2005 700 RMK? Isn't really a part number I can find to cross reference.


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Nov 2, 2017
Roberts, MT
To get the clutch off, look up the "hydro method." Basically you tilt the sled up on it's side so the clutch is elevated and you can pour water or oil down the bolt hole, then use a bolt with teflon tape (the thin white tape for sealing threads) and tighten it down. There are plenty of write-ups on that, and you'll want to read up a bit before you try it. Anyway, I'm guessing the piece of rod you put in there bent and is jammed, but the crank is probably harder than it. So, there's a good chance you didn't hurt anything.


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Nov 27, 2008
I would try to drill the stuck rod and then tap the hole with at least a 5/16 inch thread. Then thread in a piece of threaded rod that extends out past the end of the clutch post, add a husky flat washer and a nut and crank down until it pulls the stuck piece out. You may also be able to install a slide hammer on this threaded rod to pull it out. To be sure you get the drill bit centered, and drilling straight, try to find a bushing that you can slide into the hole to guide the drill bit straight. You may need to find someone with a lathe to make you a bushing if you can not find something that will work. depending on how deep the piece is stuck in there you may need to find a longer drill bit and tap. A good source for bushings, taps and drills is McMaster Carr on line.
Once you get the piece out get a puller or use the water method to remove the clutch. This is done by getting a bolt that is the same thread as what is used for pulling the clutch. Wrap the threads with Teflon tape, tip the sled on its side, fill the clutch hole with water (instead of the spacer you tried) and then thread the bolt in and crank down until the clutch pops off. It may take a few tries and reapplication of tape but many have had good luck with this method.

If you have enough room for water with the stuck rod in there and still have threads you could try the water method without removing the rod. The water may work its way around the rod and pop it off. Then you could just remove the stuck rod after the clutch is off with a drift punch.
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Jul 5, 2001
Riverton, Utah
Any clutch for a 700 from 1997-2006 will work. Also any 800 clutch from 2000-2005 will work. And if you want the strongest one you can, get one from a 2005/2006 900.

Try the water trick, if you have enough threads to thread the bolt in it should work.

If not, you can get a die grinder and cut the old clutch off CAREFULLY.

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