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Sep 20, 2012
With the recent release and thus far HUGE success of the new 509 X5 Goggle, we wanted to be the first to take the new and old out of the package, and show you first hand the difference in size and vision.

Shown here, a direct comparison of the original Sinister Goggle, and the ALL NEW Sinister X5 Goggle!

Talk about increasing your visibility, without sacrificing the size of the goggle!! The goggle is 0.5" taller with an upward sloping frame that disappears out of your field of view (509 Calls this the Phantom Frame). This combination essentially does what the foam used to do (block any helmet/goggle gaps). So now its blocked with a positive field of view enhancing lens, rather than wasted with foam. The foam is also thinner. They can get away with this, due to the outrigger system that is also new on this goggle from the older sinister version. The Edge Pressure Outriggers, move the mounting point forward and fix it in one location, along even and consistent back pressure for a BETTER seal with less foam. The thinner foam also aids in better nose breathing, with less pressure on the sinus cavities.

If you have not yet purchased a new set of these goggles, you better get your hands on them quick, as they are flying off the shelves!
BUY YOURS HERE --> http://tinyurl.com/Buy509X5

Let us know if you have any other questions or concerns regarding the new and old goggle comparisons!!

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