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Nov 11, 2018
I just wanted to put something out there about 509. I have a close friend that owns a 509 helmet as do I. However he had some small issues with his helmet and called 509 for some help. Not only did 509 quickly work to resolve his issues when they could not fully correct the issue they bought him a brand new helmet. This company has some of the best customer service I have ever seen. 509 You have several customers for life. Keep up the good work and awesome products.
I didn't think my question warranted a new thread, so I'm resurrecting this old one. Has anyone had issues getting a response from 509 lately? I inquired early January about their new heated gloves and just received the automated reply that they would get back to me. 3 weeks later, I sent a follow up email, still no response, 6 weeks later I sent a third email and bought the FXR Heated gloves as they were quick to reply to my questions. Between myself and my son we have four 509 helmets, heated and regular goggles and have purchased 2 suits. I know Covid has made this market busier than usual, but ignoring 3 inquiries has soured me on the company.
Apr 5, 2019
La pine, Or
Customer service is a joke right now with 509. Yes they are still taking care of customers but the timeline is terrible!

My father in law runs the delta modular snow helmet with a heated lense. 2 months ago we were riding and the hardware backed out and the face shield was held in with one screw (making the helmet useless) we opened a claim and a week later got a response. Then it took two more weeks for them to actually acknowledge the warranty and respond with the parts they would send (and a bonus visor that we didn’t need) still have not seen any parts and every time I email it’s a different employee claiming they “just had covid and have been out of the office for 2 weeks” or “warranty department Is closed due to covid”

(Lost so much respect for snowmobile accessory companies this year with the amount of covid they have all been getting it’s really not that hard to wear a mask and be semi responsible for a year or two)

Has been 2 months since we first emailed with warranty and the first person said on the phone “I have three sets of that hardware we have been experiencing this issue I will mail them to you next week”

So 2 months later and still have not received “1 bushing 1 washed and 1 screw” and those parts make the helmet useless as the face shield falls off without those parts.

But hey atleast they are talking about sending a spare visor that’s not needed at all.....


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Dec 8, 2007
I had a pretty disappointing experience working with 509 the other day as well. It definitely left me saying "I sure hope Klim releases a goggle with a heated lens soon." I can't live without that heated lens, but the company certainly left a sour taste in my mouth.
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