5.9 VS 6.7 Cummins?

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Nov 30, 2007
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A friend of mine is looking at upgrading either 2008 Mega Cab Cummins 6.7 and a 2007 Mega Cab Cummins 5.9 mainly because of lower miles and price was reasonable on either. Question is pros and cons to going with either? Both has auto tranny and laramie package and 2500. He is also looking at a 2012 MC laramie 2500 auto too but is quite a bit more money.......so in this case, 2012 MC vs 2008 MC both being 6.7 auto and laramie....pros and cons?

turboless terry

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Jan 15, 2008
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Had a 2006 mega cab with 5.9 and manual shift. Biggest pos i ever had. Got shitty mileage also. Rear windows both cracked out. Short in it somewhere. Heater went out needed front end parts at 30ish. Lithia is pos. Shop manager didn't record a bunch of stuff and quit to go work for toyota so i got screwed on some warranty stuff. Never again.


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Sep 13, 2013
The 5.9 will have no egr/ dpf to mess with, they usually get better mileage than the 6.7. I have a 2012 3500 mega cab Laramie with manual trans. I’ve got 70000 on it now, I deleted it at 5000 because I didn’t want that crap on the engine. Still steers as tight as a new truck, but most my miles are interstate. Only issue I’ve had is turbo actuator last year I replaced,. It’s a $300 part if you can install yourself. I think the 4th gen trucks are quite a bit better quality wise (2010-2018). Mega cabs are awesome


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Nov 29, 2010
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I had a 03 4x4 CC 5.9 Laramie. It wasn’t the H.O. so it lacked power. I now have a 14 Longhorn 4x4 CC 6.7 auto. It has an unbelievable amount of more power. If he’s towing something heavy, he might want to consider the 6.7. Although the smog stuff is a concern.
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