3" track screws - YES 3 inches. as in MERICAN


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Dec 2, 2007
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anyone interested in a small batch of custom track screws intended for 3" tracks? Price? idk yet. How will they work? pry better than nothing lol. I have ran Kold Cutter track screws for over 10 years and although its looked at for racing, i would NEVER ride or build a sled without them. You can climb anything. Like lets say its a low snow year :rolleyes: and you dig through the snow and hit frozen dirt. DONT CARE keeps going. Or coming down a hill and you hit the brake expecting to stop.... well good luck but it tries harder lol and best yet, no loading or unloading problems till you hit concrete. Trails? everyone says they never ride them but COME ON.... Just saying. I have an understanding of metallurgy and i will be building a few sets for testing starting next week. Got to test out the pc 3" atleast once before i mod it? lol its even going the right direction!

Below you will see an excel program i wrote. The idea is to balance the weight we are adding. COME TO FIND OUT cat engineered this track to NOT ever be possible to balance. Cats... (as oppose to dicks). IF someone wanted to run my set up exactly, you will have to give me money because i spent WAY more time on this than anyone else has in the last month, i can promise you that! Price will probably be in the $100-200 range and include screws i purchased locally from a company who makes them in billings mt. I then will grind the coating off, forge the heads out while leaving the shanks coated and cooled. For my add ons i am trying some chromolly tube cut in a V shape that fits snug to the screws outside head. Then i will tig weld them together with no filler rod. controlled cooling process. Then finish grind. Scale bulk all screws to match on a coke scale. Then test. I do have some carbide i will be trying out as well but then things are getting spendy. last thing i will do is a black oxide head coating or possibly just some obnoxious spray paint color thats well applied because it won't matter much. Things like this require maintenance, simple as that! It never hurts to ask?


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Feb 9, 2014
I would be worried about 3" of leverage on a stud through an expensive, fragile track.

I love the idea for the extra traction loading on the deck, and running up the trail though.

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Dec 21, 2016
Yeah; I don’t mean to let the air out of your balloon here, but I don’t think that putting screws in the lugs of a 3” track is a good idea. I don’t see how they’d be even reasonably effective considering the flex in such a deep lug; certainly not enough to justify the increase in weight, or the weakening of the lugs themselves.

Track screws= good idea
3” track= good idea
Track screws in 3” track= bad idea
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