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3.2 track.


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Dec 2, 2007
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@Scott In reply to your video: I think that skidoo hit a tree cutting or splitting the track. I have done both. One time late spring on a 159 900 rmk. Pretty much same result as the skidoo rider in your video.

Have also stabbed a 136x2 track on a 121 stock set up iqr with old school extensions. It locked up violently after ripping through maybe 5 windows. Either way, anti stab is always a supurb idea and I can most certainly promise you that getting back to the truck is difficult with either problem!

@rmk all the way. The benefits of the avid drivers in the correct pitch vs running the stock drivers would be a more efficient drive system with less "theoretical" power loss. I say this without actually testing so 🤷🏼‍♂️. The extroverted drivers mean you can run the track with much less tension freeing up some power, increasing traction over rough terrain ect. All while never haveing to worry about the drivers ratcheting. 3.0 seems to be a better spacing for tracks as far as weight/efficiency, especially in the 7 tooth flavor. I have some 7 tooth 2.52 drivers and never installed them because of how rediculous they look compared to 3.0 7t, BIG difference in overall diameter with obvious losses in power! Keep in mind, as you decrease the tooth count of the driver you are also gearing the sled down, so you need to factor that drive ratio change into your equation.

I have been running cat tracks for 7 or 8 years which happen to be 3.0 pitch. I'm looking at the camso 156 2.8 epic track vs the 2.6 cat as an upgrade myself but a 3.2 with 2/3 of the paddles trimmed down also seems enticing for my style of riding. Attached is a pic that gives a good visual of what a track does when it is hooking up hard! You can see how haveing a looser track let's it "throw out" into a more efficient arc. I have miles of room in my tunnel thanks to a billet Ice Age chain case and may actually go to an 8 tooth down the road depending on the track that replaces this 2.25. One more downside to a center driver is if you dead center a stup or rock you run a higher risk of bending your drive shaft vs splitting the load between two drivers useing the track to soak up some of the impact.



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Dec 1, 2007
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Food for thought.
850 BRP track clearance, internal and track exit. Pics
Polaris needs to do a drop and roll to get evacuation room to allow more track options.
Center drivers do work. Alpha????
Center driver in reality is an extrovert. Doo’s driver is a combo also. Who runs a true extrovert driver????
A loose track on a Polaris has a parasitic affect caused by the manufactures minimal clearance.
I run 8t 3.0 pitch Avid center drivers in my drop and roll. Lots of clearance.



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Dec 13, 2007
alpha combo would spread load across the whole drivers whereas Polaris is like a single sprocket in the middle? id have to look to be sure but just how I picture it. I thought Clarke had an interesting point anyways.

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Feb 12, 2008
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In 2013 I stabbed a rail on a X3 going over a stump which bent the ICEAGE Four wheel antistab setup !!! Or the antistab bent and then stabbed the track but either way !!

Have had zero issues with stock setup !!!

That was crappy but the four hour drive to buy another because of those 3.0 drivers back then was enough. But then after it was installed. Found out with much emphasis on ( FuXXing Gosh Darn)
Dealer sent me home with a 162 and not 156 as receipt said !!!

I leave it alone now !!!!


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Nov 2, 2017
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@Clarke_67, 7-tooth 2.52 pitch drivers sound like a bad idea unless you're forced into it. The theoretical diameter on that is 5-5/8" – smaller than the idler wheels – so pretty sure that tight bend is going to waste power. 7-tooth 3.0 pitch is almost 6-3/4" – much more reasonable, as you mentioned.

It's all a big trade-off: if you're looking for a gear down and your tunnel clearance is tight, then going to a 7-tooth driver probably makes sense. If you've willing to drop and roll and happy with your gearing, then the bigger drivers make a difference (less parasitic loss from the wider radius and being able to run the track looser). The losses with a smaller driver/idler is less with newer, thinner tracks, but going from a 6" to 7" is a much bigger difference than 7" to 8," just mathematically. There's more to it than that, obviously; otherwise people would be finding ways to run 10-tooth or bigger drivers. There's definitely a point of diminishing returns: I'd guess somewhere in the 7" range depending on the track. If there were some harder numbers on it, I'd love to know...
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