2nd year sledder - riders wanted

Jan 8, 2020
Got sleds last year and am hooked. The learning curve was brutal last year but now feel a lot more comfortable and confident. Upgraded to a new 2020 Summit 850 SP 165 3.0" and started playing the trees and steeper bowls. Have a small group I ride with but want to get out more often and would rather ride with at least another rider. Broke lower suspension on my older sled a couple weeks ago and thank goodness I had help getting out. Have avi training, radio/gps, and "unstuck equip", long time backcountry skier and outdoors man (hunting, camping, motorcycles, etc.) so I am competent in the backcountry. Live in foothills so 285 or i-70 corridors works. Hit me up, would like to hit Cottonwood pass soon, but always open for new areas to ride. Mostly ride around Leadville currently.
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