2moto kit and tons of spare parts

Nov 26, 2007
Layton, UT
Update... everything except the new 2moto swing arm and 136 hawk track is sold

Finally made time to clean out the shop and get some parts posted. I have a custom 2moto that I long tracked (128" challenger with 2" paddles stitched together with conveyor belt splice) out the front that I used for 7 years (fit kit for a Honda and a Kawi) and a bunch of parts to almost make an entire second kit. The kit has been ridden but still in ok shape. I'm willing to take all my custom stuff off and go back to a stock kit or sell the kit as is or as parts or whatever, just get in touch with me and we can work something out. Below is a fairly complete list of parts I have, most of which are brand new:
Brand new swing arm
Brand new single ply track
Almost new 2 ply track stitched together with conveyor belt splice
several hyfax
2 new yoke assemblies
2 track carriage main tube assemblies
2 stock drivers
2 front axles and wheels and spacers etc
4 track rails
3 rear axle bearings
2 16 tooth sprockets
Simmons Gen 1 ski
Simmons Gen 2 ski

I also have a 121 snowhawk track cut down to 11" wide and a stock 136 hawk track with one window stabbed

Call or text me for details

Jared 801-920-1888


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