2022 TE300I Snowbike Setup

I’m new to the snowbike world and looking for some thoughts and advice before going the old trial and error route.

Picked up a new 2022 Te300i and a timbersled riot kit. I have already picked up an engine blanket and exhaust guard (to keep blanket from melting). I’m currently trying to figure what, if anything, do I need to do with the cooling system. There is a factory thermostat on the bike so I’m sure that will help with keeping it warm enough, but never can be too safe. So here are the things I’m curious on.

1. Coolant temp from trail tech. Getting one that is in line will give the most accurate measurements, but with the routing of the lines off the engine it’s impossible to install it. Would it be a big deal to run a 90 off the engine to the sensor and then a 180 back to the thermostat? I would think the coolant would still circulate. Maybe the sensor isn’t even needed.

2. Is the stock thermostat good enough or should I get something else? It’s a 158 in it, should I look for a 165 or 170?

3. Exhaust guard vs silicon soaked header wrap. Either work better?

I read all the threads I could find and still looking for some advice.


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Nov 26, 2007
So what I have found is adding a tunnel cooler and tarping in your motor gives you the most consistent temps.

Snow contacting the actual engine block does most of the cooling on a snowbike. So at low speeds and high load if you are fully tarped in you will likely overheat.

Not sure how the tpi bikes work. There might be sensors that want to see a certain temp before the bike will work properly.

You’re going to have to play around to get it to work in your conditions.

Those inline heaters suck. I would keep that stock t stay setup and try it. What I did is got a tap for the threads on that tto sensor and installed it where the air bleed screw in the head is.


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Dec 2, 2007
Been riding on a exc300 tpi -18 for two full seasons with a 129" Tedesled kit (most similar kit is a yeti 129" FR) now and here is my .02.
- Stock thermostat works great and no need for anything else to keep control of the engine temp. We let them idle for about 5 mins before riding so you get some heat in it and then we ride fairly easy until gearcase oil is warm. Other than that no issues what so ever.
- I have the stock Carbon fibre pipe guard and that prevents most of the snow from cooling the pipe fast, which when it happens make the bike lose A LOT of power until it heats up again. But here the snow is seldom deeper than 6ft and never as "ash" so can be a bigger problem in the rockies etc.
- Stock mounted radiator fan prevents it from getting to hot in the spring riding. Seldom hear the fan go, but when in really gnarly terrain with lots of slow climbs with WOT you can hear it.

The 2stroke 300 tpis are soo fun to ride in the trees! Very flickable and the sound makes it much more fun than my old 4stroke to ride. Same speed but easier to flick around and sound makes it feel less of a fast "tractor" ride than the 4stroke sound makes it feel. 4stroke all the way though if you have to make long travels to get some place to ride.

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