2022 KTM XC 300 TPI with 2022 Timbersled Riot Premium 120 - Questions


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Feb 5, 2015
Hi guys,

I'm riding my 2022 XC 300 this summer on enduro single track and I have a 2022 Riot 120 ordered.

I'm making a list of stuff to order for the snow bike setup.

1. I'm wondering if people are running these WP air shocks with a trio shock or if people are going in another direction such as converting it to spring? I've read about issues regarding the shock collapsing with the cold weather.
2. Engine blanket or no engine blanket?
3. Pipe wrap or no pipe wrap?
4. Any ECU changes or it's all good stock?

Riding area is Eastern Ontario Canada (Ottawa).

Thanks for the replies!
Jan 3, 2017
1. I just asked that question on the Timbersled FB group as I need new forks for this season and the general consensus seemed most liked them. I plan to get a set now. You can hit up Rocky Mountain snow Mx they told me they install a pressure relief valve so if air does bypass you can reset them on the mountain and pump them back up
Dec 19, 2007
Trio-not needed for a riot
Engine blanket-yes
Pipe wrap- no for a carb but have heard the tpi can be picky
Air forks? Some leak some don't. Mine is stock updated to 2019 seal and won't blow and stay down but will transfer a bit past the seal while tied on the trailer. I just have lift it up sometimes before my ride to equalize. Have heard 3rd hand that brokster doesn't do the release valve anymore because it's not needed? But anything can happen It seems but I'm happy enough to leave them as is.
Tuning the ecu will depend on your bikes mood. Some are too lean some are actually too rich in spots but none of my group are brave enough to try one in snow yet. If it were me I would probably buy a piggy back box and just turn up the main to be safer at wot but again they are picky sometimes. So prepare to have help tuning or hire someone that can help you do it on the mountain.
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