2021 Service Manual available

I like to have the Service Manual for all of my machines, instead of just the dinky Owner's Manual that comes with my sled. So I went to the BRP Manuals website to order one, but they weren't available. So sent an email asking when they might be available, and they promptly got back to me saying that they were just finishing it up and it would be available soon.

Today they emailed me to say it was ready and available. It's a download version and I prefer the printed book, but for $25, it's a bargain in my opinion, and invaluable tool if you own one of the very complex machines.

Here's the link. You have scroll all the way to the bottom.



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Feb 7, 2008
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I like a hard copy too, but one thing good about a digital searchable manual is there is usually only a 3rd of it is needed that has the info I want and print just the pages you want for what your currently have questions about or print for other fellers.
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